Mohair comes from the Angora goat and is known as the ‘diamond’ of natural fibers. For thousands of years the Angora goat has delivered warm mohair and survival for the people of the Himalayas – and since then around the world.

The characteristics of mohair is unique and numerous. In addition to great wear resistance and flexibility, mohair is characterized by a natural glossiness, which can easily be maintained even if dyed. The good volume of the fibers makes mohair suitable for a wide range of products. Mohair has the same insulation properties as wool, but is much lighter.

Mohair by Canard has since 2009 produced and supplied yarn of natural fibers of the highest quality to Danish and Scandinavian retailers.

Today Von Broich Mohair ApS is the owner of the brand “Mohair by Canard”. Since 1992 Von Broich Mohair has been engaged in mohair production and sale – originally as Angora goat breeder in Denmark. More than 20 years of experience with Angora goats and production of mohair has given a deep knowledge of the fibers, and how important the living conditions of the animals are for the final product.

All products from Mohair by Canard is top notch quality. Yarns from Mohair by Canard are manufactured by approved and environmentally friendly methods with focus on sustainability and care for the local environment and animal welfare.

Von Broich Mohair’s business partners in Denmark and abroad, are all carefully selected for quality, skills and sustainability. There is an ongoing inspection of partners and products, and continuous investment in developing and producing new high quality products to dealers.

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  • At the farm in South Africa

    Today Mohair is one of the most exclusive natural fibers. Over the last two centuries the South African mohair has been bred into a product of the highest quality.

    The mohair industry in South Africa was founded by a stroke of luck in 1838 when the Turkish Sultan sent twelve castrated male Angora goats and one female goat to South Africa. What the Sultan did not know was that the female goat was pregnant. The kid goat was a male goat, and that was how the breeding started in South Africa.

    Today the Mohair goats constitute a key part of the industry in the Karoo region on the eastern Cap of South Africa. In addition to the immediate qualities of the mohair, it is a continuous resource that is contributing to creating a sustainable chain of production between man and animal, and not least – a long term progress for the Karoo region.


  • Shearing the goats

    The goats are cut twice a year, either by hand or with machines. The animals are not harmed in any way in this process.

    The Karoo region consists of semi-desert with low vegetation. The Angora goats thrive in the region’s climate, with hot, dry summers and cold winters. The combination of environmental, climate and a careful breeding has contributed to the fact that South African mohair today is considered among the world’s finest natural fibers.

    Kid mohair consists of fibers from the kids very first cut and is particularly soft and warm. Kid Mohair is the main component in mohair products from Mohair by Canard.

mohair farm i Afrika
klippe mohair geder