Merry Christmas

Dear Partners and Retailers

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with many beautiful yarn experiences.

This year has almost been „The Year of Mohair“ and it does not end here. We will see lots of new exciting and fabulous mohair designs in the new year. Not only in the brushed mohair, but also in other Mohair qualities. Mohair has a huge recovery worldwide.

It has been a challenge to keep up with demand this year. Unfortunately several of you had to wait for the most popular colors. We thank you for your patience and can tell that we are expanding our storage space again.

The spinding company has been working on high pressure, but no matter how hard they work, there must be good quality mohair available. As it is animals that deliver our rohproduct, there are important considerations to take.The small Angora goats can not produce more because the fashion will show mohair. All of our mohair comes from farmers who work with the animals under good and controlled conditions. We do not want to compromise animal welfare or quality of mohair.

We would like to thank everyone who has sold our Mohair yarn and the designers who have made pattern for us and all of you who have contributed knowledge about the product in different ways.

Thank you.

Best regards